Member Spotlight – Luke Smith

Get to know our BATC board members! We asked each board member a few questions about themselves and here’s what they had to say.

This spotlight features Luke Smith. Luke is BATC President. You can often find him leading the weekly Meadowwood Rides.

FullSizeRenderWhat are you most looking forward to this season?

I look forward to meeting new members and promoting the sport of triathlon!

Favorite post race indulgence:

I always go for the bags Utz chips that are at the finish line of all the local races.

How/why did you become involved in triathlons?

Triathlon was a natural progression starting out as a runner.  I bought a bike to cross train for running and before I knew it, I was signing up for my first tri.

Best part about BATC:

The group workouts.. working out with people keeps you motivated to reach your training goals.

Share a mantra you follow:

Always Lead, Never Follow