Member Spotlight – Kim Franklin

Get to know our BATC board members! We asked each board member a few questions about themselves and here’s what they had to say.

This spotlight features Kim Franklin. USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, and BATC Member At-Large.

IMG_3530What are you most looking forward to this season?

Ironman, Lake Placid.  I’m a very competitive sprinter and have raced both Olympic and Half-iron distances, but this is a stretch for me.  I decided to take it on not so much as an added notch in my belt, but rather to gain insight as a triathlon coach.  Coaching is more than mechanics and training plans.  A good coach can help you with your mental game, and I believe my personal experience with this distance will make me a better coach.

Memorable race/training moment

Winning the Baltimore Triathlon Sprint distance in 2014.  Oooooo….that felt good!

How/why did you become involved in triathlons:

About 5 years ago my husband Tom and I were on vacation in Lake Placid, NY.  Spur of the moment, I decided to swim the Ironman loop.  I went to the local sporting goods store and bought some goggles, a cap, and appropriate swim wear.  Although I hadn’t done any swim training in a very long time, I was in reasonable shape had many years of competitive swimming behind me, so I felt confident I could finish.  Long story longer, I finished the loop and felt like i still had gas left in the tank.  Now at the time, Tom was really into biking and trying to get me into it.  I was resisting a bit, but then It hit us like a ton of bricks….we should do a triathlon!!!  The rest is history.

Share a mantra you follow:

While I’m swimming my self-talk is often: “settle in, Kim” or “long and strong.”

Favorite spot in Baltimore:

Home with my family

Member Spotlight – Linda Anders

Get to know our BATC board members! We asked each board member a few questions about themselves and here’s what they had to say.

This spotlight features Linda Anders. Linda has been a long time BATC board member and former BATC President. She is currently serving as Treasurer.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

This is a rebuilding year for me. Big priority on getting my biking legs back for my Tour de Pink 200 mile/3 day bike ride in California, raising money and awareness for the Young Survival Coalition


Here’s Linda climbing the western wall of Savageman, earning her brick.

Memorable race/training moment:

Proudest moment was making it up the wall and earning my brick at the 2013 Savageman — thanks to Sheryl Savage for making sure I beat the clock!

Favorite post race indulgence:

A super cold beer with me in a super hot and super long shower.

Best part about BATC:

Undoubted the fantastic members!

Non-triathlon related hobbies or interests:

Maryland lacrosse – I coach two U 13 girls teams, which keeps me hopping from March through May.


Member Spotlight – Joe O’Bruba

Get to know our BATC board members! We asked each board member a few questions about themselves and here’s what they had to say.

Our first spotlight is on Joe O’Bruba. Joe has been a long time member and board member. This year he is serving as Secretary.


Here’s a picture of Joe finishing his first race!

Why did you become involved in triathlons?

I wanted to see if I could do an IRONMAN. Turns out I can, just very slowly…

What’s the best part about being involved in BATC?

The people. Besides meeting my wife here, BATC is my favorite part of being in Baltimore. (editorial note: Sadly, Joe is leaving us for Michigan)

What are you most looking forward to this season?

Recovering from last season. I did five triathlons, including Savageman, last year so I plan on just doing a couple of shorter races this year.

Hobbies or interests:

Most recently golf. It’s like learning to swim but now I’m drowning on well-manicured grass.

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March meeting & New Triathlete Program info session

Get your race season started right at our March club meeting. If you are new to the club and triathlon, this is a great opportunity to meet current members and potential mentors.

Date: Tuesday, March 24 at 7:00pm in EDT
Venue Twenty20 Cycling. in Hampden.
Presentation:  Is Your Bike Ready for Race Season? Tips and Tricks
Presentation:  New Triathlon Program
Raffle:  XTERRA wetsuit. Small print: To win, you must be present and you must be a club member (registration is available at the meeting).


New Board of Directors

At the January 21, 2015 meeting the general membership of the Baltimore Area Triathlon Club elected the 2015 Board of Directors.  The results of the election are:

President – Linda Anders
Secretary – Kate Braband
Treasurer – Luke Smith
Group Workout Director – Jae Sly
Member At-Large – Scott Anthony
Member At-Large – Julia McTighe
Member At-Large – Joe O’Bruba
Member At-Large – Fernando Pineda

We would like to thank the out-going board members for their many hours and great effort put towards BATC in 2014 (for some, many years prior to that).

Continuing President ­ – Linda Anders
Continuing Secretary ­ – Kate Braband
Continuing Treasurer ­ – Luke Smith
Outgoing Group Workout Director ­ – Darrell Walker
Outgoing Member At-Large – ­ Patricia Cummings
Outgoing Member At-Large – ­ Jae Sly
Outgoing Member At-Large ­ – John Heuisler
Outgoing Member At-Large ­ – Melissa Otterbien

The new board will begin planning the 2015 club schedule and events, and will be rolling out information to the club in the next few weeks.

Warm Regards,
Kate Braband
BATC Secretary

Club meeting and elections

The 2015 Annual Meeting and Board of Directors Election will be held at 7:00 at the Falls Road Running Store. We are still accepting nominations for the 8 board positions. All nominees must renew/join BATC for the 2015 membership year.

Nominations received as of this afternoon are listed below for each of the board positions. Nominations will also be taken from the floor at the time of elections. All nominees must be 2015 members in good standing (i.e., paid registered members). Registration and payment ($35) should be made prior to the election, and cash, check, VISA/Mastercard will be accepted. Register at

executive committee

President – This person represents the club to the community, and will assist in promoting the club to potential members, race organizers, potential club sponsors, other local clubs.
Nominee(s): Linda Anders

Secretary – This person corresponds with club members regarding club and board meetings, takes official minutes, ensures the plans for the club are acted upon, and fills in during the absence of the president.
Nominee(s): Kate Braband

Treasurer – This person is responsible for depositing club dues and other revenues, making club payments based on approved expenditures, record keeping of all transactions, maintaining the club bank, PayPal, and Square accounts, preparing quarterly treasurer reports, and filing annual taxes with the IRS.
Nominee(s): Luke Smith

Group Workout Director – This person is responsible for preparing the annual club group workout calendar, organizing and promoting the events, providing cue sheets for group rides, ensuring the club activity has a an assigned leader, and provides for post workout refreshments (such as water, energy drinks, and other such items) whenever feasible.
Nominee(s): Jae Sly

Four Member-at-large  board members assist with the management of the club by engaging in special projects, such as the New Triathlete Program and mentors, annual BATC gear design and order, race supports (think tents and race refreshments), volunteer coordination, organizing club members participating in local events, website management and design, email communication, and other social media outreach to members and future members.

Nominee(s): Julia McTighe, Joe O’Bruba, Linda Anders, Kate Braband