Swim, bike, run – fun!

Your BATC board hard at work trying to make 2018 the best triathlon season ever! ...

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Greetings BATC members, Baltimore area triathletes and anyone hoping to become a triathlete! My name is Andrew, I am the new New Triathlete Coordinator for the BATC. I am hoping to start a weekly (hopefully more) New Triathlete Blog on BATC's site. I will post on the BATC Public Site (this is site), but there'll always be a little extra on the BATC "Members-Only" Site (shameless plug - JOIN BATC!!!!). Regardless, reach out to me any time, I am here to help you just get started, finish your first tri, or help you be a better multi-sport athlete. ntp@baltimoretriathlon.org is the e-mail at which you can reach me.

Now for that first post: For anyone who is thinking about doing their first tri, BATC has developed a program just for you! It is our New Triathlete Program (NTP). Tailor made for ANYONE, at ANY level of fitness, thinking about jumping in and doing their first tri. Joining the BATC NTP gets you an experienced mentor, not a full-on coach, but someone that has been on this crazy train for a while and can help guide you through the confusion of training, equipment, transitions, help you with any questions you may have, and lend an ear when you start doubting yourself or your decision to do a tri. Of course you also gain access to the BATC club, which will provide a level of support and knowledge you simply couldn't get anywhere else. We're a great group of folks from first timers to experienced iron-distance triathletes. If you are thinking about making the commitment to do your first tri, this is a great place to start.

There's A LOT more information to follow, but for now, please reach out and let's get you started!

Happy training,

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BATC members gearing up for the season are starting to make goals and help hold each other accountable. Goals range from drinking more beer with friends, to a first 5k, conquering open water, full IronMans, and Kona bids! Find where you fit in with our wide range by reaching out or joining up! ...

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In my pain "closet" weather is perfect! How's everyone else training today? ...

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Not all of our members are willing to wait for spring! Some (semi) organized events go on year round. Hats, gloves, scarves, underarmour and ear warmers ON to these two this morning for their ride from Vellocinos 🙂 ...

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2017 BATC Board of Directors

Meet your 2017 Board of Directors. Pictured from left to right, Luke Smith (President), Linda Anders (Treasurer), Katie Damaroda (Secretary), Paul Smith (Member At-Large), Scott Anthony (Member At-Large), Jae Sly (Group Workout Director), Dean Milligan (Member At-Large), Kim Franklin (Member At-Large)

Call for Board Nominations

We encourage all members with an interest in the success and development of BATC to run for a position on the board. We are seeking nomination for the 2017 BATC Board of Directors. Those interested in running for a board position must be BATC member in good standing (membership paid) and must send an email to Secretary@baltimoretriathlon.org stating the position(s) you are running for and a brief (not more than a one page) summary of qualifications. The summary should outline your qualifications for the position you are running for, and will be distributed to the membership prior to voting.

There are four officer positions on the board and four at-large positions, as follows.

  • President – Fearless leader of BATC. Provides governance, leadership and strategic planning of the organization including but not limited to, developing and managing BATC relationships, planning and presiding over, and facilitating board and committee meetings, and acting as an ambassador for the organization.
  • Group Workout Director – Organizes and directs group workouts, specifically developing the calendar of BATC sponsored events (think Swim/Bike/Runs, bike rides, and runs), proposing the annual Group Workout budget and operating the club’s workouts within that budget, and ensuring each event is staffed by BATC volunteers and board members to promote safety and coordination of the event.
  • Secretary – Responsible for BATC’s records, handles official communications of the club, specifically, preparing BATC meeting announcements and meeting minutes, working closely with the club President to prepare for planned meetings, acting as the club registrar and maintaining up to date and accurate membership records and enrolling all members in BATC’s communication lists, and ensuring BATC members are able to effectively communicate with their board members.
  • Treasurer – Responsible for managing BATC’s funds, including soliciting budget proposals from board members and leading the board through budget discussions which result in a final and approved annual budget, preparing budget status reports and presenting at board of directors’ meetings, maintaining BATC fund accounts (checking, PayPal, Active), paying BATC expenses in a timely manner to ensure the club remains in good standing, and preparing BATC’s tax returns.

At-Large Members
The four At-Large board positions have voting rights, and are responsible for participating in BATC board of directors’ meetings and board decision making. At-Large board members participate actively in board functions and activities, such as maintaining the BATC website, PayPal enrollment, Active account, Square account, and other web-based services, coordinating BATC’s presence at race events and ensuring BATC tents are staffed (works closely with volunteer coordinator and Secretary), and storing and maintain the BATC tents, coordinating volunteers, tracking volunteer hours, and accurately distributing volunteer raffle tickets, planning season opening picnic and end of season party, and representing BATC at events, group workouts, and supporting board officers as needed.

Member Spotlight – Katie Damaroda

Get to know our BATC board members! We asked each board member a few questions about themselves and here’s what they had to say.

This spotlight features Katie Damaroda. Katie is the BATC Secretary.

10468110_10100350274683764_6682921959397379781_nWhat are you most looking forward to this season?

Finishing my first 70.3

Memorable race/training moment:

When training for my first marathon, my friend Megan jokingly told me “I’m not coming to watch you finish last.” That was very motivating for me and helped me get over the proverbial wall.


How/why did you become involved in triathlons?

I’ve never enjoyed swimming and despite growing up spending summers on the bay, the idea of open water swimming just seemed crazy to me. I began training for my first triathlon as a way to overcome that and challenge myself. I still would much rather be on the water than in it, but it’s a work in progress.

Best part about BATC:

Obviously the members! BATC is an awesome community. I appreciate all of the advice, encouragement, and accountability I have received. I hope that I can make the same impact.

Non-triathlon related hobbies or interests:

Hiking, taking my dog Molly for walks, beach volleyball, etc.

Member Spotlight – Luke Smith

Get to know our BATC board members! We asked each board member a few questions about themselves and here’s what they had to say.

This spotlight features Luke Smith. Luke is BATC President. You can often find him leading the weekly Meadowwood Rides.

FullSizeRenderWhat are you most looking forward to this season?

I look forward to meeting new members and promoting the sport of triathlon!

Favorite post race indulgence:

I always go for the bags Utz chips that are at the finish line of all the local races.

How/why did you become involved in triathlons?

Triathlon was a natural progression starting out as a runner.  I bought a bike to cross train for running and before I knew it, I was signing up for my first tri.

Best part about BATC:

The group workouts.. working out with people keeps you motivated to reach your training goals.

Share a mantra you follow:

Always Lead, Never Follow

Member Spotlight – Kim Franklin

Get to know our BATC board members! We asked each board member a few questions about themselves and here’s what they had to say.

This spotlight features Kim Franklin. USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, and BATC Member At-Large.

IMG_3530What are you most looking forward to this season?

Ironman, Lake Placid.  I’m a very competitive sprinter and have raced both Olympic and Half-iron distances, but this is a stretch for me.  I decided to take it on not so much as an added notch in my belt, but rather to gain insight as a triathlon coach.  Coaching is more than mechanics and training plans.  A good coach can help you with your mental game, and I believe my personal experience with this distance will make me a better coach.

Memorable race/training moment

Winning the Baltimore Triathlon Sprint distance in 2014.  Oooooo….that felt good!

How/why did you become involved in triathlons:

About 5 years ago my husband Tom and I were on vacation in Lake Placid, NY.  Spur of the moment, I decided to swim the Ironman loop.  I went to the local sporting goods store and bought some goggles, a cap, and appropriate swim wear.  Although I hadn’t done any swim training in a very long time, I was in reasonable shape had many years of competitive swimming behind me, so I felt confident I could finish.  Long story longer, I finished the loop and felt like i still had gas left in the tank.  Now at the time, Tom was really into biking and trying to get me into it.  I was resisting a bit, but then It hit us like a ton of bricks….we should do a triathlon!!!  The rest is history.

Share a mantra you follow:

While I’m swimming my self-talk is often: “settle in, Kim” or “long and strong.”

Favorite spot in Baltimore:

Home with my family

Member Spotlight – Linda Anders

Get to know our BATC board members! We asked each board member a few questions about themselves and here’s what they had to say.

This spotlight features Linda Anders. Linda has been a long time BATC board member and former BATC President. She is currently serving as Treasurer.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

This is a rebuilding year for me. Big priority on getting my biking legs back for my Tour de Pink 200 mile/3 day bike ride in California, raising money and awareness for the Young Survival Coalition


Here’s Linda climbing the western wall of Savageman, earning her brick.

Memorable race/training moment:

Proudest moment was making it up the wall and earning my brick at the 2013 Savageman — thanks to Sheryl Savage for making sure I beat the clock!

Favorite post race indulgence:

A super cold beer with me in a super hot and super long shower.

Best part about BATC:

Undoubted the fantastic members!

Non-triathlon related hobbies or interests:

Maryland lacrosse – I coach two U 13 girls teams, which keeps me hopping from March through May.


Member Spotlight – Joe O’Bruba

Get to know our BATC board members! We asked each board member a few questions about themselves and here’s what they had to say.

Our first spotlight is on Joe O’Bruba. Joe has been a long time member and board member. This year he is serving as Secretary.


Here’s a picture of Joe finishing his first race!

Why did you become involved in triathlons?

I wanted to see if I could do an IRONMAN. Turns out I can, just very slowly…

What’s the best part about being involved in BATC?

The people. Besides meeting my wife here, BATC is my favorite part of being in Baltimore. (editorial note: Sadly, Joe is leaving us for Michigan)

What are you most looking forward to this season?

Recovering from last season. I did five triathlons, including Savageman, last year so I plan on just doing a couple of shorter races this year.

Hobbies or interests:

Most recently golf. It’s like learning to swim but now I’m drowning on well-manicured grass.