New Triathlete Program

The BATC offers a New Triathlete Program (NTP) because we remember what it was like when we decided to sign up for our first triathlon and how helpful it was when we found someone who could answer some of our questions and who had been down that road before.  And because we love the sport and the community of people we’ve met through it. We get excited about introducing the sport to someone new and growing our local community of triathlon enthusiasts.

Our NTP is first and foremost an organized mentorship program.  Like any mentorship program, the more that you put into it, the more that you will get out of it.  We’ll collect some basic information from you when you sign up and pair you up with an experienced triathlete from the club who is best suited to help you with your goals – whether that is to finish a particular race or just to be more active.  We encourage you to reach out to your mentor with any questions that you have throughout the year and also to attend some of the group workouts together.

We will also provide a basic training plan prepared by a USA Triathlon certified coach to help you prepare for your first race and there will be organized workouts and skill clinics as well – some that are open to the entire BATC and some that are tailored specifically to the NTP participants. The program is managed by a USAT certified coach and the BATC Board – and you will have opportunities to interact and ask questions of each of them as well.  The club has a tremendous amount of experience, knowledge, and passion within it’s membership. The NTP is a great way to tap into our network of athletes, to make your introduction to the sport an enjoyable one.

Our program starts with an introductory meeting in late March and there will then be an NTP season kick-off happy hour/ networking soon thereafter (actual date TBD based on availability of mentors and NTP participants). The training plans are 12 weeks and there are options for a basic introduction, a sprint race, and an Olympic distance race.  There is no specific race that we target with the training plan. You and your mentor will decide on which race to target. Races that have been popular with previous NTP graduates have been the Diamond in the Rough Triathlon , the Iron Girl Triathlon in Columbia  and the Philadelphia Triathlons.  Late season triathlons that are popular with beginners are the Dewey Beach Triathlon and the Baltimore Triathlon.  The latter is at Gunpowder State Park, where we hold our mock sprint races.

You must be a paid member of the club to participate in the NTP. There is a nominal additional charge of $35 for the NTP to cover the administrative costs of the program.  Register for the program at the web site.

If you attend the season kick-off and take advantage of some of the local discounts for club members out in town, you can get your money back pretty easily.  It’s a great value and we keep it that way because we don’t want cost to be a reason why someone would not give it a try. Pun may have been intended. Thanks for your interest and we hope to see you out on the roads soon!

Please contact the New Triathlon Program coordinator for more information.