Member Spotlight – Kim Franklin

Get to know our BATC board members! We asked each board member a few questions about themselves and here’s what they had to say.

This spotlight features Kim Franklin. USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach, ACE-Certified Personal Trainer, and BATC Member At-Large.

IMG_3530What are you most looking forward to this season?

Ironman, Lake Placid.  I’m a very competitive sprinter and have raced both Olympic and Half-iron distances, but this is a stretch for me.  I decided to take it on not so much as an added notch in my belt, but rather to gain insight as a triathlon coach.  Coaching is more than mechanics and training plans.  A good coach can help you with your mental game, and I believe my personal experience with this distance will make me a better coach.

Memorable race/training moment

Winning the Baltimore Triathlon Sprint distance in 2014.  Oooooo….that felt good!

How/why did you become involved in triathlons:

About 5 years ago my husband Tom and I were on vacation in Lake Placid, NY.  Spur of the moment, I decided to swim the Ironman loop.  I went to the local sporting goods store and bought some goggles, a cap, and appropriate swim wear.  Although I hadn’t done any swim training in a very long time, I was in reasonable shape had many years of competitive swimming behind me, so I felt confident I could finish.  Long story longer, I finished the loop and felt like i still had gas left in the tank.  Now at the time, Tom was really into biking and trying to get me into it.  I was resisting a bit, but then It hit us like a ton of bricks….we should do a triathlon!!!  The rest is history.

Share a mantra you follow:

While I’m swimming my self-talk is often: “settle in, Kim” or “long and strong.”

Favorite spot in Baltimore:

Home with my family