Member Spotlight – Linda Anders

Get to know our BATC board members! We asked each board member a few questions about themselves and here’s what they had to say.

This spotlight features Linda Anders. Linda has been a long time BATC board member and former BATC President. She is currently serving as Treasurer.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

This is a rebuilding year for me. Big priority on getting my biking legs back for my Tour de Pink 200 mile/3 day bike ride in California, raising money and awareness for the Young Survival Coalition


Here’s Linda climbing the western wall of Savageman, earning her brick.

Memorable race/training moment:

Proudest moment was making it up the wall and earning my brick at the 2013 Savageman — thanks to Sheryl Savage for making sure I beat the clock!

Favorite post race indulgence:

A super cold beer with me in a super hot and super long shower.

Best part about BATC:

Undoubted the fantastic members!

Non-triathlon related hobbies or interests:

Maryland lacrosse – I coach two U 13 girls teams, which keeps me hopping from March through May.