New Board of Directors

At the January 21, 2015 meeting the general membership of the Baltimore Area Triathlon Club elected the 2015 Board of Directors.  The results of the election are:

President – Linda Anders
Secretary – Kate Braband
Treasurer – Luke Smith
Group Workout Director – Jae Sly
Member At-Large – Scott Anthony
Member At-Large – Julia McTighe
Member At-Large – Joe O’Bruba
Member At-Large – Fernando Pineda

We would like to thank the out-going board members for their many hours and great effort put towards BATC in 2014 (for some, many years prior to that).

Continuing President ­ – Linda Anders
Continuing Secretary ­ – Kate Braband
Continuing Treasurer ­ – Luke Smith
Outgoing Group Workout Director ­ – Darrell Walker
Outgoing Member At-Large – ­ Patricia Cummings
Outgoing Member At-Large – ­ Jae Sly
Outgoing Member At-Large ­ – John Heuisler
Outgoing Member At-Large ­ – Melissa Otterbien

The new board will begin planning the 2015 club schedule and events, and will be rolling out information to the club in the next few weeks.

Warm Regards,
Kate Braband
BATC Secretary