Local Training Opportunities

Looking for triathlon or sport-specific training and workout opportunities? There are many local options.  Below is a selection of local workout and training opportunities. These are not BATC-sponsored, however our principle is: “if it is good for our members, it is good for our club”.

Triathlon-specific Swimming Workouts

BATC member Kevin Joubert (an ASCA level 4 and  USAT level 2 certified coach) is  the Masters and Triathlon Swim Coach at the Merritt Gym in Towson.  He also blogs about endurance sports. Merritt membership is not required to participate in the Merritt Triathlon Club workouts or his Masters workouts, but you need to purchase a punch ticket. Kevin takes particular satisfaction in training adult onset swimmers:

“My absolute favorite thing is to be there when a brand new swimmer, who couldn’t make it past 50 yards, does their first mile straight swim. Every year we have a couple.”


Triathlon focussed Crossfit workouts

BATC member Jae Sly hosts a Triathlon focussed Crossfit workout at the Wreck Room in Glen Burnie. Come be part of a crossfit class modeled for endurance and strength training for triathletes. Jae recommends incorporating this workout into your regular training for your off season!  $20 fee for class. Discounts offered for punchcard or membership. More information is here.

Baltimore Road Runners Training Programs

The Baltimore Road Runners Club (BBRC) runs an extensive training program for runners of all skill levels. The programs are targeted to the experience level of the runners and are generally scheduled to prepare runners for a target race. BRRC Training Programs are directed by RRCA-trained coaches who are members of the BBRC and are runners themselves.  Other Club members help with the programs as volunteers. If you are a new or experienced runner looking for a disciplined approach to training, the BRRC welcomes your participation in their programs.  There is no cost to participate but BBRC membership is required.